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We teach problem solving, geometry, physics, logic, and more through interactive programming.


Welcome to AIWhoo School, where we ignite a passion for coding in the hearts of young learners. Our mission is to equip children with essential coding skills and problem-solving abilities. From homeschooler classes to interactive coding clubs, we offer diverse programs that cater to different learning styles. Our goal is to provide an enriching and supportive environment where kids thrive, no matter their future career aspirations. Join us on this exciting educational journey, and let's code the future together!

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We empower your child with essential hands-on coding skills, fostering critical problem-solving abilities and logical thinking that are universally valuable in any field. Whether they pursue computer science or not, we build a strong foundation for success in today's digital world. Join us in nurturing your child's potential and confidence in a technology-driven future.


Matt was an amazing instructor. My son keeps coding after class on different projects. It's great to see him enjoy learning.

Sarah M.

My child made a website before and they thought it was cool, but they wouldn't stop talking about how much fun it was making the Among Us

Mark T.

Ian is the best instructor ever.

Emily S.

I can't thank Matt enough for having patience teaching our daughter to use the computer. She had alot of fun

Jessica H.
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